About Us

Cloudhero.es is an initiative of its parent company to help organizations achieve their business goals through digital transformation.

At Cloudhero.es, we offer you the cream of the crop in terms of talent that will help you enhance your productivity and streamline your recruitment process.

Our Talent-as-service offering will be a game changer for your engineering team to build innovative digital transformation solutions.

We understand that you want more than just employees. That is why we focus on recruiting people who are passionate, certified and eligible for the role, tech stack and seniority level you are looking for.

With our remote-first approach, we act as a liaison between top organizations and untapped talent of Silicon-Valley calibre across the .

With access to our expansive network of AWS certified professionals, you can hire top-notch talent tailored to your unique operations within days, not weeks.

Our mission

To create a cohesive ecosystem of global talent, recruiters, technologists, and vendors in the AWS environment while streamlining the hiring process to ensure everybody wins.

Competitive advantage

Cloudhero.es is an AWS talent pool curated to give our clients a competitive advantage through:

Quick time-to-hire

In-house engineers

Remote work capability

Overlapping time zones

Fully managed payrolls

We are looking to endow our clients with top talent through a  robust support system of recruiters , vendors and technologists to enhance their recruitment process.