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A Guide To Build A Remote AWS Project Team

Get exposed to the methods of building a remote AWS team by assessing its pros and cons

Get exposed to the methods of building a remote AWS team by assessing its pros and cons, and what the contemporary market is opting for.

Post the epidemic of 2020, and with the advent of digital transformation, businesses had to adapt to remote working by breaking through time zone barriers and building project teams through multi-shoring using cloud platforms.

AWS is a prime cloud vendor trusted across the globe, enabling businesses to drive towards their objectives. The rapidly booming Big Data landscape requires a bouquet of skilled AWS professionals to fulfill the market demands, thus making it vital to modify the structure of sourcing, hiring, and training.

Hence, while looking out for candidates to work on AWS projects remotely, it is not simply to find and place them; but also important to ensure to build a team that delivers results together despite being stationed indifferent parts of the .

The master play commences here!

When building your AWS team, it is critical to decide your goals, then focus on the skillset and roles required for your project, and lastly, measure your bandwidth for investment in training and other costs.

Build a Permanent Team

1. Go Hire the traditional way

By convention, companies carry out employee sourcing, filtering, and hiring using their internal recruitment team. With the increase in demand and variety of specific requirements, you can glide globally and find professionals to work remotely for your AWS projects.

But, evaluating this method, projected a few disadvantages.

  • Firstly, sourcing candidates, interviewing them, verifying their skills, working out their package, and planning their placement on your team is time-consuming and tiresome.
  • Secondly, knowledge of the market is essential to evaluate rates and perks that vary according to the skillset, experience, and the candidate's location.
  • Thirdly, AWS professionals being in high demand, opt to work according to their convenience, thereby forcing recruiters to be flexible to their interests.

Therefore, conventional hiring practices are not advisable; when it comes to the high demand for resources or time-sensitive projects.

Gloomy? Here are other plans to kick start.

Training the existing employees

1. Institute AWS Trainers

The other popular route is to assign a trainer to equip the candidate with hands-on experience with AWS products to work on live projects. While instituting AWS trainers, they are to be informed of the criteria for training, such as area of expertise, type of training, and client demands.

2. Motivate for AWS Certification

Upskilling the existing employees is a great alternative; although not a time-efficient method, certified AWS staff are a supplement to the team and aid in the upliftment of the organization. Another great way is to club enthusiastic learners with experienced AWS professionals who will help them excel and earn AWS certifications.

3. Cross-training

If cloud technology is not new to your employees, and they possess skills in other cloud platforms like IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, or VMware, cross-training them with the competitor’s products and moving them to the AWS ecosystem is a time saving and a cost-effective method. Curious minds with an adequate understanding of cloud architecture, big data, or programming language and software administration skills would easily cope with AWS in a short span.

Hire an AWS Contractor

Based on the tenure of your projects, hiring AWS experts to work for your project in the appropriate working model is a logical solution.

1. Seek a Recruiter

The best route would be to work with specialty staffing firms to hire the best AWS teams for your company.

A report says that more than 50% of companies have started to focus on international talents with the help of Specialty Staffing firms

The challenges faced while hiring will be overcome by these Speciality Staffing firms- showcasing AWS professionals across the globe to help you pick the best candidates for your team, thereby cutting down investment and the time spent on hiring and training.

And that's what Cloudhero.es does, easing your way to build an AWS team remotely.

You can pick from our talent pool with the top 1% of global AWS professionals to work for your projects. Our wide network of individuals and organizations merge to bridge the knowledge gaps for our clients. We have proven that our remote team management methodologies have helped and managed our global client projects hassle-free.

Known for our end-to-end approach to talent hiring, we have set records for on-time project deliveries.

If the need for an AWS individual/ team to work remotely is on your cards, reach out to us.

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