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Suggested AWS Interview Questions for a Potential Hire


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that offers customers a wide variety of services. These services are structured to make it easier for businesses to use the internet and build their websites. AWS is a prevalent platform, and many companies use it. In that way, it has created many job opportunities for those with the right skill set Finding and hiring the right AWS hireling is not an effortless task for a company.

Hence, the interview questions must be selected carefully and prepared. As a result, the questionnaire must be able to extract the candidates' knowledge and experience and provide possibilities to elicit one's competencies. You know that AWS engineers are acquainted with AWS and cloud platforms, so it is sounder to evade questions about product definitions and uses if not for an entry-level position. Instead, focus on framing queries that try to identify their skills and brainstorm.

Here are some potential questioning sections for your AWS respondent.

  • Queries on expertise and data testing
  • Scenario-based quereis
  • Achievements and problem-solving skills
  • Awareness of the latest AWS services and tools

Now let's drill down into these sections in detail.

Experience-based queries

What is your experience with AWS services other than the most frequently used ones?

The AWS family includes nearly innumerable items, resulting in a complex web of often interdependent services. Though practically every cloud professional will specialize in one area, they should be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of product knowledge that includes the usual suspects like S3, EC2, RDS, and IAM.

This question assists you, as an interviewer, in recognizing the candidates' extensive experience and expertise, as well as their product and technological competence.

Describe a successful AWS project that displays your AWS Solutions design style and execution experience.

An AWS solutions architect is a member of the solution development team who is in charge of creating one or more services or applications for a company.

The response to this query will assist the recruiter in evaluating the candidate's proficiency with the components of an AWS Project. Furthermore, it will help assess the individuals' capacities in designing and executing.

Have you ever had a customer who asked you to widen the scope of your work after it was approved? Could you give us a quick rundown if that's the case?

One of the most prominent project management threats is scope creep. It is known to toss the project's schedule, budget, costs, and resource allocation into disarray, and it may threaten the achievement of milestones and objectives.

As a recruiter, pay attention to how the aspirant handles pressure, balances empathy and assertiveness, how they foresee changes, and finally, how they comprehend the quality-timeliness trade off.

Scenario-based queries

Your company plans to link its data center to the Amazon cloud environment to improve accessibility and performance. What procedure would you recommend in the above circumstances?

Queries as such apply to AWS data scientists and engineers. Such a query could help you study the AWS professionals' knowledge of networks, considering time and cost variants.

Assuming the applicant proposes making various reinforcements of the organization's data before transferring it to the cloud, the competitor is at home with AWS administrations, grasps productive reinforcement methodology, and ultimately depends on cloud arrangements.

More suggestive

1. What challenges do you expect to encounter in your role as an AWS Architect or Engineer?

2. Your company has opted to put all of its operations in the cloud. However, citing security concerns, your company chooses to place some of the workloads on private servers. What is your recommendation as an AWS Solution Architect?

I propose that you design an AWS architecture for my new application. Could you elaborate on how you intend to design and implement it?

Such an open-ended, hypothetical inquiry based on a situation might be a goldmine for gaining insight into the applicants' knowledge of AWS architecture and their thought process and methodology of approach.

Posing these types of situational queries permits the candidate to demonstrate their abilities and how creatively they come up with ideas, considering factors like performance, cost, security, operations, and time for a new project.

Achievements and problem-solving skills for the test

Share a scenario when you received feedback that caused you to reconsider your architectural design plan.

The objective behind asking such brainstorming queries is to get a transparent grasp of your candidate's critical thinking capacity and, more crucially, how they'd approach and resolve the critique virtually.

What special abilities do you believe you can bring to our team?

What you want to hear from your candidates is an explanation of why they are the best candidates for the job. For this query, one should be able to go back to the job role and articulate the problems they'll be tackling in that work and how their specific abilities and experiences will aid them in doing it.

As a recruiter, this question will help you perceive what makes a candidate stand out from their counterparts and what they solely believe they can provide for the role that makes them the ideal fit.

More suggestive
Recall an instant once you were in the vicinity of a team that used an innovative strategy to resolve a business downside.

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