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Must Avoid Mistakes When Hiring AWS Professional

It is not child's play to find the perfect AWS professional for your company's operation.

Everything changed suddenly when the pandemic affected every business and every family. Circumstances give rise to the necessity for change, and the pandemic was one such situation that made the whole switch to remote working.

Cloud computing supported several small businesses and new startups with high-speed efficiency and cost-redundancy of maintaining the equipment. It also provided a sense of security from the data breaches and violations happening.  

Many organizations and businesses do not know about the benefits that one can reap by investing in cloud computing services. But after the pandemic, the whole picture changed drastically. Before the pandemic, around 68% of customer service and support organizations worked from traditional call centers, and less than 10% of the staff was working from home. But now, things are turned around, and more than 71% of call centers will be remote working.

During this time, business leaders and organizations realized the worth of cloud computing and switched their operations from on-shore to off-premises. According to another research, there was a jump of 53% in recruiting full-time at-home agents.

When things changed, the need for developers and cloud computing professionals increased drastically. Hiring managers and HR professionals are looking for deserving candidates to manage the AWS operations perfectly. But how can you find the right candidate for your business that contributes toward efficient management and business growth?

How to choose the perfect candidate from a bunch of applications?

It is not child's play to find the perfect AWS professional for your company's operation. The necessity to choose the right candidate prevails overall the candidates who know AWS because the right candidate can take your business to new levels. A dedicated AWS professional will employ all his strengths, dedication, and capabilities to give you and your company the best ideas. 

So, here is the trick for finding out the best and perfect AWS talent for your company. So, before posting for a hiring an AWS professional, here aresome things that you must look at in the candidate's profile:

  • Comprehensive knowledge regarding the inventory and configuration tracking of the AWS resources.
  • Good command over handling and managing the AWS resources using predefined and reusable templates.
  • OS and stack management skills are necessary if you look forward to moving your business over cloud and scale automation.
  • It is an additional merit if the candidate knows everything about configuring and integrating third-party tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt.
  • It is an additional merit if the candidate knows everything about configuring and integrating third-party tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt.
  • A broad understanding of AWS resources and knowledge regarding the new upgrading and launching technologies is also a plus point.
  • A sense of writing a secure deployment code to protect your data from malware and viruses. Also, the testing skills of the candidate should match the same brilliance and enthusiasm while writing the code.
  • A candidate is perfect for the job when you recognize that the candidate can perfectly fit in the work environment and collaborate with other professionals to produce productive results.

What are things you must avoid while hiring AWS professionals?

Below are some points that should be avoided at all costs during the hiring process:

  1. Do not let go of the objective

A candidate and the hiring professionals have to undergo a rigorous and exhausting recruitment process. This time-taking process can let you off from the main track, the main objective of hiring a reliable and worthy AWS professional. Do not let the recruitment process overshadow the purpose of the hiring. The main aim should be the skills and proficiency in cloud computing resources and projects.

Keep in mind the essential things you want from the desired candidate and how the candidate's talents and skills can be utilized for the company's growth. Do not let the additional aptitudes of the candidate distract you from the aim.

  1. Compromising your needs sometimes is necessary

Sometimes the hiring and recruiting professionals take the job specification points seriously and are not ready to amend the given job specification template. It is necessary to understand that the job specification is not a template but a list of requirements for a candidate.

However, it does not mean the list should overrun the candidate's devotion and passion for cloud computing and its mastery in the field. Sometimes strictly following the candidate specification can let you lose out on some field diamonds. So, if you ever come across a brilliant candidate with extraordinary skills and talents who has some flaws, think about how you can bend your company rules to bring in the diamond.

  1. Test the candidate's technical skills

Before thinking deep down that you have found the desired candidate for the position, test the technician skills of the contender. It is wonderful to have a candidate with theoretical knowledge about cloud computing techniques and AWS resources. Still, you need to check whether the candidate can apply the theoretical knowledge to practical use?

The best way to find out the practical skills is by having a technical conversation with the candidate. The conversation will help you know the candidate's thoughts, and you will have a better understanding of the approaches and techniques the candidate can use during turmoil and crisis time.

  1. Look for a cooperative aspirant

Your search should never end without finding a candidate with all the knowledge and the engagement skills to fit in the team and collaborate with other team members for productivity. You often find a person during the recruitment process who has all the qualities regarding the position but lacks social skills.

It is a proven thing that teamwork increases productivity and efficiency, and if your hired candidate is unable to work in a team, it will not work out smoothly. There would be problems that impact a decline in the output production or delay in services.

  1. Limit your search to a region

If you think you will find your perfect candidate from a particular locale, you are living a dream. It is always better to expand your search horizons because the is enormous, and many talents are waiting to be discovered.

It is your role to find out the talents from the like a needle from a haystack. Ask your groups or meet aspiring people at AWS conferences and events; you might also find your dream candidate in social events.

It is tiring to find a perfect match for the post, but you will realize all the efforts were worth it when you find the diamond.

If you are looking to hire an AWS professional, you can visit to look for the qualified and talented professional you wish to be in your company. You can hire AWS professionals, data engineers, senior developers, and different positions from our talent resource platform at cost-effective offshore rates today!

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