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Speciality Talent Factory – A key to Talent Challenges

Cloudhero.es is planning to bring in a remote working model which would allow employees to work remotely from anywhere

is planning to bring in a remote working model which would allow employees to work remotely from anywhere. Raj Babu, CEO of , had some thoughts on the same when asked about the global talent crunch and how is ready to tackle this situation.

When remote working was established, it broke the geographical borders letting us work in any way. Talent Crunch is one such cause for the behavioral change of employees where they were forced to work remotely, to which even companies had to get adapted as the tech itself enables remote working. This is where the demand supersedes the supply, letting companies hire across the borders.

This process in the beginning was an advantage for the companies until they realized that even their employees were moving across the border for better opportunities. To make it easier for our prospects, is creating a talent factory where they will be able to pick from the top 1% of the global AWS professionals to work for their projects. By this, we are planning to be a leading talent creator and form a specialty talent factory as our customers are consumers of talent and we are the creator of talent.

After understanding his point of view, we asked him about the stagnant remuneration to talent during the covid period, he said " has changed its business model so we can accommodate the remuneration, as we can’t pass all the cost to customers right away. We need to model our business by creating a talent factory and putting up refined talent management engineering in order for us to carry these high-cost talents without passing all the expenses to our customers which needs a lot of refinement, complex engineering, business modelling, talent modelling, etc.

”With sophisticated engineering, we are going to reduce the cost to 50% of the talent as we had built an advanced model where we can manage the cost.

After getting all this knowledge from Raj, we moved forward to ask him "How is going to treat big data or how have we been treating the rise of talent opportunities?" to which his reply was rather visionary stating how important data is for the technological and business .

To deliver a solution, they need to put in a lot of engineering, design, effort, and resources. Data is the language of technology and business, the more people communicate in technology, the more data is stored. To understand what people are talking about on a high level, we need to be better at managing data communications. There is no digital transformation happening without data, and for any company to solve a problem they need to focus, on letting data be the smack at the centre of digital communication.

To resolve ’s problem, we are building a talent factory made of 3 essential components -Campus, Academy, and Incubator to face and resolve the problems coming towards , where Campus represents students from the 2nd year of their college who are interested to gain experience in a big data company. Academy is where the passed out students will be trained through and then put into projects to work on. Incubator is where the potential employees who already are trained and certified, will be assigned at least 2 projects and battle-tested, only then we’ll be deploying them to our clients. We are focusing on cloud data and hyper-engineering the talent and capability, and upgrading the people continuously by building the capacity and talent making us apt to deal with the talent demand.

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