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Top skills that your AWS employees will need in 2022

Featuring the most popular AWS abilities to be searched for to meet the contemporary market while wanting to upscale your business

Technology is profoundly inventive, becoming more regular and intense, influencing tech talents to remain proactive about the change. And that implies that the ability is required to keep a steady hand over recent trends and advancements to stay pertinent in the IT industry.

While the pandemic cast a shadow in 2020, the shift towards distance learning and remote work spurred significantly more interest in cloud services

Eventually, this has necessitated the market for certified cloud computing professionals, creating a window of opportunity for those ardent learners willing to upskill on AWS, the most demanded cloud platform.

According to a new report, around 60% of distributed computing position postings require AWS-related abilities.

Cloud computing is developing so rapidly that organizations have begun searching for qualified experts with AWS skills and high-level distributed computing abilities.

For keeping your organization in this AWS race, be it a new appointment or with the ongoing employees at your company, view the best or propel them as the best.

To help you and your employees, we've compiled a list of the top AWS skills that tech engineers must master in 2022 to stay ahead of the competition.

Cloud Security

The demand for cybersecurity talent, in general, is enormous and growing by the day, but it is especially acute in the cloud domain.

According to the AWS Market Trends and Salary Survey report, security is the third most vital factor to be considered when choosing a cloud provider, with 36% of respondents accentuating its importance, up from 13% earlier.

Security is a joint liability among providers and the companies that use them, making the organizations search for cloud specialists with security specializations who can efficiently operate AWS' cloud security gadgets.

Machine Learning and AI

As the AI (Artificial Intelligence) business has developed, the conveyance of AI arrangements over the cloud is currently referred to as AI as a service, or MLaaS, and this may experience a buildup at an annual development rate (CAGR) of 43% through 2023

Just like cybersecurity, machine learning and AI are also demanding talents.

So, an engineer who has blended cloud computing technical skills with AI skills can significantly boost their value as a cloud computing professional and be a profit to your company.


DevOps automates monitoring, testing, integration, and deployment while moving code from development to production. Continuous development, integration, and deployment are the focus areas of DevOps, thus directly benefiting cloud-based SaaS applications.

AWS professionals with DevOps are the first choice of many companies today.

Hiring a certified DevOps engineer is a brilliant move. DevOps empowers businesses to computerize specific updates and get them out much faster and more productively, which is a significant improvement process in cloud computing

Cloud Deployment and Migration Across Multiple Platforms

An ever-increasing number of companies are taking a bold step in moving numerous applications to the cloud, as clients hope to benefit from cloud computing.

Such a process necessitates advanced distributed computing skills to ensure the trustworthiness and security of data while limiting margin time. To achieve this, companies require experts who can see each of the three major cloud stages, so they welcome professionals who are versatile with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud skills.

Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture provides a way to remove architectural responsibilities from your workload, including provisioning, scaling, and maintenance. Since its introduction, there has been substantial growth through AWS.

The present cloud, comprising industry-standard technologies and programming languages, assists in moving serverless applications, starting with one cloud and moving onto the next vendor.

AWS professionals with expertise in serverless products like Amazon EC2, Elastic Container Service, AWS Batch, and AWS Lambda are the need of the hour.

A recent survey found that 40% of companies have adopted serverless architecture.

Programming languages

The most popular languages among AWS professionals are JavaScript, GoLang, and Python.

In particular, Python is ideal for AWS Lambda environments due to its fast startup times. It spins containers much faster than Java or C#.

Also, Python, being simple and easy to learn, is being pursued by many engineers. Hence, being certified and experienced in Python will make an ideal AWS profile.

Database Skills

As most databases are now hosted on cloud platforms, the desire to extract useful insights from this data, fuels the demand for professionals with cloud computing skills to manage, store, and access data.

If your company is looking for database experts, ensure they know MySQL, MongoDB, or Hadoop.

AWS Certification

The plain fact is that there are over 400,000 cloud computing jobs available wide, and the demand for certified cloud computing professionals thrives each year.

AWS certification courses validate the engineers' technical knowledge and skills in the AWS domain and are highly desired by recruiters.

Employees should watch for genuine sources to take AWS certification courses and add them to their portfolios for greater recognition. Companies can also motivate their existing employees and consider providing scholarships for taking up such certifications.

Eventually, organizations are recommended to search for role-based certified Cloud Practitioners, Architects, and Developers, as well as technically specialized certified professionals, by which their business gets navigated smoothly and is prepared for the 2022 tech and beyond.

Creating opportunity rather than waiting for one is the smart choice, so if you are an AWS professional who wants to stay on track, prepare yourself with the mentioned skills and draw the attention of big markets.

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