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What is How does it work? is a self-service talent platform of Consulting, where clients can build or augment their data analytics project teams. In, we provide performance tracking and review of the engineers we provide through our bouquet of remote collaboration tools. will display its inventory of in-house tech professionals and the professionals from its partners in our easy-to-use interface where you can pick individual contributors or project teams as per your requirement. We believe in building teams without the boundaries of time zones or working styles and strive to simplify employee processes for our clients in this transformed digital age.

How is different from other hiring and remote platforms? is a stand-alone self-service platform established to help companies hire top talent in Data Analytics and AWS. Unlike other digital hiring platforms that act as staffing or recruitment agencies, is a talent supplier that builds its own talent in the field of Data Analytics and AWS.

On-Demand Talent Pools
We build talent pipelines across different seniority levels and tech stacks to reduce the time-to-hire for you. Utilize our readily available employees to find the ideal match for those critical roles and hard-to-fill positions.

Integrated Cloud Marketplace
We have created a cloud-based ecosystem where organizations meet talent, supported by technologies to streamline the entire process, from pre-screening to staff onboarding.

Remote-First Approach
We equip our clients with technologies and management capabilities to get the most out of their remote teams and implement new processes across the board.

Global Employment Framework
With access to our extensive pool team of AWS engineers and architects spread across the globe, you can hire AWS certified developers in 30+ countries. In addition, you can narrow down your search to top developers working in a tech stack and time zone of your choice.

What types of engagements does offer (full-time, contract, etc.)?

At, we understand that every business is unique, and so are their processes across departments. Keeping your individual AWS needs and objectives in mind, offers flexible engagements ranging from full-time and contract based onboarding. If you wish to extend the term of employment or re-evaluate the engagement type, we can ensure a seamless transition for you and the employee.

Why should I hire developers from is your one-stop global AWS talent partner. With our AI-backed talent cloud, we can find the best match for the tech stack, skills and seniority level you are looking for. is pro-remote because both employers and employees have been benefiting from this arrangement, and they wish to keep it that way. To add to your organization’s bottom line, we recruit Silicon-Valley calibre developers ready to work in your time zone.

 With our talented AWS-certified developers, we can help you find the right fit for various relevant positions in your organization.

Whether you want to scale your engineering team or need specific AWS skill sets to move your company forward,’s fully managed talent acquisition services have got you covered.

We take care of the screening, payroll, and management of distributed remote teams so that you can focus on core operations and expansion.

What is's Talent Factory?’s Talent Factory is a repository of talent that comprises full-time hires, developed in-house over time or borrowed from our partners. We also build our inventory through internal mobility - swapping project long timers with able engineers. We provide full-time equivalent resource-specific delivery rather than individual resource-specific services.

Can provide us with a team? can help you scale your engineering team during a possible expansion or a foray into a new tech stack. We can help you fill positions for the long and short term, depending on your goals and vision. And when you want to build a team from scratch, you might need someone to spearhead your operations. Such positions can be difficult to fill, but not anymore with our AI-backed technologies and an extensive pool of AWS talent across skills and seniority levels.

Can I hire from a particular region?

The difference in time zones can be a major barrier to hiring remote teams. If you are hiring cheaper talent from a different time zone, you may have to face communication delays and availability issues. saves the day here.

We strive to offer the best of both s and let you onboard talent from any particular region or time zone. Our talented developers are ready to work in your time zone or with an overlap of at least four hours for real-time communication, meetings, and project briefs. In addition to that, if you are looking for talent in a specific region, we can help with that too.

Individual contributors vs Project Teams

Individual Contributors: helps clients fill talent gaps within their existing team. Companies can search for the role they require and view our list of engineers for each role across various time zones and working modes.

Project Teams: also offers clients a custom team-building interface that enables project managers to pick teams that have built business applications of similar nature to their requirements.

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What is the process for hiring a developer through

All our candidates are AWS certified developers, matched to your individual requirements. 

Our team and technologies do the hard work while you cherry pick candidates that are best suited to fill the position in your organization.

 We also offer a bouquet of tools and help streamline your management practices to enable your remote team to put in more productive hours and meet organizational objectives. 

Besides, we offer a fully managed HR service to manage your teams and their payroll.

How long does it take to hire a developer?’s AI-backed technologies and ready-to-deploy AWS developers, can help you get the right talent on board. Depending on the position you are looking to fill, our team will help you hire as and when needed.

Our AWS architects, Engineers & Developers are readily available, with expertise across a wide gamut of tech stacks and seniority levels.

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What is the free trial period?

At, we stand behind the talent we supply, thus we are confident to provide a free trial period of ‘7’ days. You can utilize this time window to assess and align your new employee with your operations and see how they fit in the equation and deliver on your expectations. In case you are not happy with their performance, you can start afresh with another, more suitable candidate.

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Our helpful customer service team is here to assist you.